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Coaching Through Change

in the

Okanagan Valley


Coaching through Change

As small business owners and non-profits throughout the Okanagan Valley grapple with the impact of extreme climate, we feel an obligation to do what we can to support our community. As part of our commitment to the community, we are offering Coaching services to help navigate the personal and professional changes required to move forward.

Why work with K2A?

We acknowledge that we currently live and work on the traditional, unceded territory of the Syilx nation in Naramata, BC. Growing up in rural Alberta (Cathie) and rural New South Wales (John), we both have deep respect for the lands on which we live. Moving to the Naramata bench feels like coming home for both of us. Through K2A, we are committed to supporting a thriving local community.


Why coaching?

Coaching provides:

  • opportunity to explore personal and professional potential with a non-directive coach

  • meaningful conversations built on trust and confidentiality

  • clarity and personal insight without judgement or criticism


Cathie can support you to navigate changes for you and your business. She will work with you to leverage what you and your team know and support you to set and achieve your goals.

We offer income sensitive pricing options.

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