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Explore new ideas and perspectives to achieve your leadership potential

Coaching provides...

  • Opportunity to explore personal and professional potential with a coach helping on the journey

  • Meaningful conversations built on trust and confidentiality to discover a way forward

  • Clarity and personal insight without judgment or criticism

Mentoring provides...

  • The opportunity to engage with an experienced leader for guidance and advice 

  • Meaningful exploration about specific leadership challenges and possible approaches to address them 

Through a process of discovery, goal setting, and action, coaching and mentoring enable progress toward achieving your leadership potential. It is based on a deep foundation of knowledge, beliefs, and behaviours that advance human capacity. Mentoring creates a safe space to discuss, explore and address complex leadership issues.

Are you ready to understand what motivates you to achieve your personal and professional potential? Coaching or mentoring through K2A may particularly suit you if you are experiencing career transitions or are creating strategic change within your organization or community-based initiative.


Join me in a free consultation to choose the approach suits your needs. 

Cathie applies the same integrity, practical approach, and good humour in our coaching sessions. It’s knowledge to action coaching, personally applied.

Laura L

Cathie shared her deep experience, creativity and wisdom, always reminding us of the importance of laughter, genuine collaboration and commitment to quality.


As a member of the International Coaching Federation, I abide by their code of ethics

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