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K2A Consulting Rocky mountain ranges



We share what we know, and learn as we go.

We believe that knowledge mobilization is everybody’s business.

Knowledge mobilization (KMb) helps people use what is known to make needed changes.


Our definition of knowledge is informed by the data to wisdom cycle.

Knowledge is generated through experience when people apply what they have learned where they work, live, and play. 


Our services include: advising on development of organizational knowledge management infrastructure; strategic planning for implementation of KMb in organizations and in research and evaluation projects; and, leadership and team capacity building to support KMb.  

We connect people with:

  • other people who have similar interests and needs;

  • existing information and evidence; and,

  • emerging, promising, and leading practices that show positive outcomes in other contexts.

Learn more about the data to wisdom cycle.

Working with Cathie has proven to be one of my best life decisions.

Laura L

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