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BOOKS & BLOGS (& more)

We are always searching for ways to demonstrate our commitment to learning as we go and sharing what we know. Through books, blogs and more, we create opportunities for exchange through writing, reading, and listening.



Book release

John is excited to launch his book 'Easier Said Than Done: Adventures in the Language Business'. 

Available on Blurb (pdf and soft cover)


Blog posts

As we do our work, we always find that we need to learn more in order to improve. Our blog posts reflect some of the topics that we know many other people are also grappling with (e.g., procrastination :), international education, current events). Click here to join the conversation. 

Image by Sincerely Media


Helping Hands


Innovative Models Promoting Access to Care Transformation! IMPACT was the clever acronym for a 5-year multi-site (Canada & Australia), community-based, participatory research project. The aim of the project was to work with communities to develop innovative ways to support people who have limited access to, or struggle to connect with, the health and social services that they need. 

Click here for more detail on the pop-up health and social service events implemented in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

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