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Advance praise for Easier Said Than Done

John has launched his book 'Easier Said Than Done: Adventures in the Language Business'.  Building on wisdom he has gained throughout his career, he shares his experiences as a teacher, teacher trainer, manager and language school owner/director.


The chapters I read are so "John". The anecdotes and situations that he faced in the course of his GV adventure will ring true for many. I laughed out loud several times and I'm sure some of our other school owners and directors who've gone down this road can totally relate.

Linda Auzins - Language Canada

This book is one of a kind. These stories hit close to home and reading them brings back wonderful memories. Engaging stories, thoughtful moments, and good laughs. This is a captivating and practical read. 

Tania Knoch - Global Village Calgary and Victoria

Get your copy now on Blurb 

(soft cover and pdf).

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