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The K2A Experience

"I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Cathie in a coaching relationship. I needed help navigating some challenging workplace dynamics, managing my energy, and making choices about my career. I got all of that help and more through our sessions together. Cathie skillfully combined a number of tools, coaching and her own professional experience to support me in clarifying my goals and taking action. With her help, I uncovered so much about myself, including my values, preferences, tendencies and blind spots. I feel like through our work together I developed the knowledge and confidence I needed to act with integrity in my current leadership role, while exploring and choosing a new path for myself that is more aligned with my needs and values. You will never meet anybody with more generosity of spirit, time and wisdom than Cathie!Brettany 

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cathie for the past 6+ years. Cathie is positive, passionate, and brilliant. Working with her has been wonderful because not only have I learned so much from her, I feel that she truly cares about the wellbeing of those around her. Having an atmosphere of support has fueled fantastic collaboration amongst our whole team, and I believe Cathie is a huge part of that. She is a generous person who has an amazing talent for thinking outside the box. Anyone would be lucky to work with her."Laurie L

 "I want you to know what a big influence you have had on me and everyone else at PolicyWise. It’s hard to sum up in 10 seconds everything that you’ve done but just know that you have made an indelible and inspiring mark on me. You’re very much like someone I want to be like when I grow up.Shannon 

"When I started coaching with Cathie I had multiple areas in my life where I wanted to see positive change and tasks that I wanted to accomplish, but would always tell myself "i'll finish that next week." Through Cathie's guidance, accountability and asking the right questions, I developed small and manageable goals throughout the week. Those small goals led up to accomplishing those seemingly daunting tasks and changing bad habits. After coaching sessions with Cathie, I feel as though  have more of a personal drive to complete tasks as they come and have a better balance in all areas!Olivia

"Cathie coached our research team through the process of a participatory action research program. This was new to all of us, and involved establishing collaborations with health system decision makers and community organizations. She gave us both practical tips and a sound theoretical and methodological basis for what we were doing.  But mostly her warm and encouraging presence made it safe to take risks and celebrate every small step towards our goal.Jeannie H

"Cathie will take your curiosity to the next level and fully engage a team in the process of moving knowledge to action. I had the pleasure of soaking up Cathie’s wisdom and there is no substitute for learning knowledge mobilization and implementation science techniques firsthand from an expert in the field. Working with Cathie is guaranteed to involve authentic engagement and humour. You will also be hard-pressed to find someone who enjoys unexpected Zoom ‘visits’ from pets and children more than Cathie!Val S

"Cathie shared her deep experience, creativity and wisdom, always reminding us of the importance of laughter, genuine collaboration and commitment to quality."Anon

"I will always remember what a thoughtful and supportive person you are and your dedication to helping us learn and improve."Nadine T

"Cathie and I have worked together for many years in many contexts. Whether gathering evidence through research or evaluation, under Cathie’s leadership we consistently focused on moving knowledge into action. Cathie applies the same integrity, practical approach, and good humour in our coaching sessions. It’s knowledge to action coaching, personally applied. Working with Cathie has proven to be one of my best life decisions."Laura L

"It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your leadership, patience, and great sense of humour. You always put a smile on my face."  Tony H

"Thank you for helping me to get introduced to PolicyWise 2 years ago. I just really appreciate your unwavering support for staff and your ability to grapple with complicated ideas and run with them. I just hope that one day I can have the same impact on an organization as you have had during your time here."  Saira J

"Cathie. You made such an impact in all of your interactions and had such a great energy." Rebecca T

"Cathie, thanks for everything. I’ll miss your bright personality, thoughtful input, and engaging approach to research. Best wishes in the future." Matt R, University of Calgary

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